Why Swim VR

You can only protect what you know.

It is well known that the massive pollution caused by plastic waste in the oceans has catastrophic consequences worldwide. But to understand how worthy our oceans are, you have to see them for yourself – we firmly believe in that. Here you can find out more about our mission.

We want to help cope with this. With an attraction that is unique, new and exciting!

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Perhaps you are familiar with the following challenges:
  • Your facility has been established for a long time and you would like to keep offering new attractions to attract new guests
  • There is a lack of time and supervisory staff for large events
  • A new attraction such as a slide or a spring board is beyond the scope of the financial possibilities and it would not generate any additional income
  • Nevertheless, you want to remain attractive and modern and offer exciting options for children, teenagers and adults.

Swim VR offers you all of that!

  • A new attraction without high acquisition costs
  • An attraction that generates additional income immediately (we recommend 6 € per person)
  • A new attraction that your local press surely wants to report for free and that really ensures interaction in your social media presence

Do you want to attract new guests? Offer something very extraordinary? Would you like to show your guests the ocean and make an important contribution to the protection of the world’s oceans? And on top of that generate more sales?

Contact us today and take advantage of our introductory offers!

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